From concerts to conferences, ME Visual has it covered. Our specialised department has dedicated personnel who will ensure our clients' events go without a hitch. While completing most things in-house, we also regularly collaborate with the world's largest event companies to bring in the extraordinary to Qatar.

We take our clients from planning an event, production of it and all the way through to management on the day. Time is critical and quality is never compromised.
Event Design
Event Production
Event Management
Our event designers will create jaw dropping concepts that are tailored to our clients' needs. Anyone can provide ideas, but the real talent is found in ensuring these ideas can be executed exactly as conceived and in designing and orchestrating a natural flow from start to finish, whether it's for a concert or an beautiful inauguration.
One of our key strengths is our ability to control many parts of a particular event in-house. Our world class fabrication facility and exceptional craftsmen ensure that we're always able to provide last minute flexibility and emergency support should it be required. Our 2D and 3D design, carpentry, metal, acrylic, printing and digital signage departments can execute the most complex event concepts. We don't need to rely on anyone else and this gives our clients a great deal of confidence and security.

We also have built solid relationships with the very best entertainment, catering, audio visual and other suppliers, to ensure our clients are able to give their guests a truly memorable experience.
Cool headed, highly efficient, resourceful and super friendly! These are the key characteristics of our Project/Event Managers. We also believe that many hands make light work. Each of our events are responsibly delegated and coordinated with every detail being taken care of by ME Visual staff to ensure that our clients are able to enjoy their events just as much as their guests do.
We create the eye-popping, innovative, bespoke displays
that tell your story.