Bespoke Display
Now there's a title with a wide berth - that's because it can quite literally involve anything. If it's a giant shoe? We'll create that. A Chinese Lion? Sure! We love our bespoke displays because they're beautiful, impactful and purposeful!

One of the wonderful things about our work is that no two jobs are the same, which means that we're constantly challenging ourselves with new outlandish tasks that defy the ordinary. We'll source any kind of material from anywhere around the world to achieve our client's vision. Our mission is to keep closing that gap between design concept and production reality.
Exhibition Stands
Kiosks & Podiums
Retail Displays
3D Models
Exhibition Stands perfectly encapsulate everything that we do. Each element of our expertise can be included in a single stand. Our forte is the ability to produce these multi-faceted projects entirely in house.

Our strength in numbers means that we can successfully complete a number of Exhibition Stand installations simultaneously.
Permanent/Semi-Permanent fixtures require an exceptional finish and durable materials. Our Podiums and Kiosks can withstand heavy footfall and usage. They can also be designed to allow for dismantling and re-installation in other locations.
It's all in the details with Retail displays and Visual Merchandising props. Our discerning clients include some of the worlds most luxurious brands. Their displays should match the quality finish of their products. That's why they pick ME. We regularly mix our multi-competence departments to produce stunning displays that always turn heads!
Theres nothing more satisfying that taking a small item and making it 20 times bigger! Ever taken a selfie next to a giant Coca Cola bottle? We can make that happen! Our hand craftsmen have special super-powers that let them carve out such intricate models using foam or fiberglass. Then we can finish these to look like something out of Honey, I Blew Up the Kids!

Fibreglass is our preferred material for producing hard-wearing, weather resistant models. This is an ideal option for when larger quantities of a particular shape are required.
We create the eye-popping, innovative, bespoke displays
that tell your story.