Well, we're visionaries with an in-depth know-how on bringing ideas to life
ME Visual is an owner-managed organisation that has been established in Qatar for more than 8 years.

Our team consists of about 70 full-time members of staff, who collectively possess a unique and diverse set of skills. We are carvers, printers, painters, carpenters, designers, welders, tailors, electricians, engineers, installers and everything in-between!

We're fearless in our quest to challenge everything considered "normal" in advertising. Having all of our capabilities in-house allows us to continually play around and experiment with new techniques and materials.

As people, we're easy to work with and engaging in our style! We love developing solid relationships with our clients, who we work very closely with in order to get a great result on every project.

So the question really ought to be, why wouldn't you choose ME?
What We Do
Our Skills
Creativity underpins everything that we do, whether it's a fresh new design or an adaptation of a current idea that is given to us. Our designers are highly experienced in providing WOW, while following and respecting strict brand guidelines that are so important to many of our high profile clients.

Our team is fluent with software including 3DS Max, Maya, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and many more.
This is where the magic happens. ME Visual's fabrication is made up of a few departments for each group of material used, namely Wood, Metal, Acrylic, Print, Paint, Upholstery, Foam and Fiberglass. We've installed some of the most accurate and up-to-date equipment to ensure consistency right across the board. All of this is under one roof in our 20,000 sq ft facility in Doha's Industrial Area.
With over 30 brilliant people in our installation team alone, we are able to perform installations in multiple locations simultaneously. We pride ourselves on being able to think quickly and adapt to changing environments no matter what the conditions of the site are. Safety is seriously important to us - as such, we have staff that are specially trained in First Aid and H&S. Each and every member of our team is geared up with all the required PPE.
To make the impossible, possible - this is the primary role of our engineers. Ideas in design can be far-fetched and sometimes simply bonkers. We work meticulously to construct methodology that allows us to get our bespoke displays as close to these extraordinary concepts as physically possible.

Projects can involve tricky installations, complex outdoor conditions with weather factors such as high winds or intense heat. This is where our Engineers add real value.
Many times, we find ourselves in uncharted territory when it comes to bespoke display, with two jobs rarely being the same. This means that we invest heavily into the research and development of our ideas and methods to ensure we are able to surpass our client's expectations. Whether it's rare materials from remote parts of the globe, or innovative new technologies, we need to know exactly how to use them and under what conditions to get the very best from them, for our clients.
We received far more than we expected. The designs we received for our Signs and Branding through ME Visual were exceptional and the designers were so helpful and very willing to work with us. Excellent!
Marketing Manager
Always a pleasure to work with ME Visual! Amazing after-sales service!
Visual Merchandising