You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.

Much like humans, signs are brilliant resources that are constantly interacting with your customers or audience. Whether it's a shopfront sign to tell them who you are, a directional sign to help them find their way, or a dynamic digital sign that can be filled with, well, anything you like - your signs are the face of your company.

ME Visual specialises in fabricating signs that will be magnetic to your consumer and technically crafted to provide the appropriate finish, lighting and longevity, no matter what environment they find their home in.
"Architectural" is actually a term that covers any sign that you find in, on or around a building, structure or area. It combines most of the various sign types including Wayfinding, Identity/Shopfront and Digital LED.

We're well versed on the planning, design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of all these different elements, making ME Visual a great Architectural Signage partner.
It's your identity, so it should be bold and proud. It's a way to scream and shout your name... to be noticed, to be remembered.

We use premium materials and stunning energy efficient LED lighting to make brands beam just the way they should. Front lit, Back lit, Halo lit or not lit up at all. It's incredible what well made shopfront signs can do to an area. We love being part of that change.
Interactive, dynamic, captivating.

We have partnered with leading manufacturers in the UK, USA and China to bring the highest quality LED and LCD digital signage to Qatar. With our own fabrication capabilities, we are able to seamlessly integrate these into stands, stages, backdrops, buildings and interiors. We're even able to assist with motion graphics and animation. Digital signs are available on a rental basis for temporary use or for permanent installations.
Also known as Directional signs, thoughtfully planned and beautifully crafted Wayfinding signs are crucial to a happy customer experience. There's nothing more frustrating than not being able to find your way with minimal fuss.

We work closely with our clients to ensure we deliver highly effective Wayfinding signs that customers love. We will source and use almost any material possible to achieve the desired look and feel. Wayfinding can be permanent, temporary for events, or digital/interactive as you might find with shopping mall directories.

As a 3M Select Partner in Qatar and together with our metal fabrication capabilities, we are also able to provide reflective Road Traffic signage that is consistent with global standards.
We create the eye-popping, innovative, bespoke displays
that tell your story.