Large Format Print
This is where it all began for ME Visual in 2010. Large format print is something we know like the back of our hand.

People call us "Wrap-stars" - we wrap cars, buses, skyscrapers, billboards, hoardings and much more besides. It's also used as an ancillary function for our bespoke display fabrication work.

When some see an empty wall, we see a blank canvass waiting to be brought to life with vibrant imagery.
Fabric Printing
Vehicle Wrapping
Using our channel and profile system we can transform your walls to display seamless captivating colours and messages.

We use various types of fabric including Light-passing fabric for gorgeous fabric light-boxes which boast the deepest richest colours.

Fabric prints are excellent for flags, event branding and upholstery!
We have been audited and approved to be a 3M Select Partner in Qatar. 3M produce the most technologically advanced adhesives available in the world. Their products are renown for their endurance and ease of application/removal. This is seriously useful in Qatar with its extreme heat in the summer. We're big fans of 3M and they are of us too!
When you're stuck in traffic or if you're held at the lights, you'll usually find yourself being particularly observant to your surroundings, whether they are shop signs on the side of the road or the cars and trucks around you. So, one of the most cost effective ways to advertise your brand to a captive audience is by wrapping your fleet of vehicles. ME Visual specialises in wrapping vehicles of all shapes and sizes using only the best 3M vinyl.
We create the eye-popping, innovative, bespoke displays
that tell your story.